Temporary Home


Now it’s time to move the fish. I found a 6′ round kiddie pool at Walmart for $10. I made a filter and fountain with a homer bucket, 6oo gph pump and some pvc.

First drill a lot of holes in the bottom half of the sides.¬†Then put a stand pipe on the pump, wrapped the whole thing loosely with polyester filter media (NOT FIBERGLASS) and dropped it in the bucket. You can see the rest of the plumbing in the pictures. It’s not necessary to glue these fittings, just push together real tight.




¬†Also, throw another pond pump with a hose in, this is a make-shift tpr to add some current. A couple of 6″ drainage fittings give the fish a place to hide. Had to put a couple smooth rocks in them to keep them on the bottom.

They seem quite happy in here.

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