The Real Pond Liner

First an underlayment was set in place, don’t skimp on this cause it is important. Don’t use carpet, I won’t go into this here, the internet is full of horror stories about this. Now it’s time for the liner. Tack your time with this step. We set the liner, sealed it to the bottom drain and added some water. We raed the water meter and orders were given “no water running in the house”. Next the “tpr’s” were sealed. More water, all the time adjusting the liner to minimize wrinkles. the waterfall area is tough, just be patient. Used a lot of “3m 5200″ to seal everthing. More water. All the time taking water meter readings. The upper pond was tough bto line with the size, depth, waterfall and the spillway from the bio-filter. Next the waterfall was fashioned from a 14″ plastic tote I piced up from Lowes. Big suprise in my next post, stay tuned.

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