Lets Get Started

First of all, we need a plan. Draw some ideas on paper, use a cad program, photo shop or any thing else you can come up with. I prefer the “pencil to paper” method.

Get an idea of how you want it to look and function. I found it best to sit where I would be viewing the fish pond. Try to get an idea where you want the settlement tank, bio-filter and water fall. Try to figure gallons, gallons per hour for pond size and width of waterfall.

Now you will have an idea of pond pump, bottom drain and plumbing sizes. the bio filter set-up that I built using a 32 gallon Rubbermaid brute trash can will easily handle a 1000 gal pond. A 3″ gravity bottom drain is plenty. While figuring 1.5″ pump plumbing, lift and 14″ waterfall, I came up with a 2400 gallon per hour pond pump. I also planned onĀ  a directional “tpr”(tangent pond return).

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